#TheKrag is a philosophy of leadership, power and influence that only chosen individuals are born with.

#TheKrag is an instinct that makes them stand out, change the world, lead others…

They are relentless warriors who fight an everyday battle, facing haters, stress and challenges a modern city throws at them.

The city becomes an urban jungle. And the rules are very simple…

Only the strongest will survive.

Welcome to...

#TheLawOfTheRed collection consists of four hand tailored #TheKrag shirts,
which due to the choice of fabrics, leather finishes and design have become
something more than a classic shirt. Using the highest quality English
mixes of wool and silk, Italian leather and the skills of our artisan tailors
we strived to create a superior piece of clothing meeting the demands
of the world’s most successful, influential and inspirational men.

#TheLawOfTheRed is #TheKrag’s first ready to wear collection and collaboration with
Thomas Knights and the Red Hot project, starring the collection’s brand ambassadors:

Ken Bek – considered to be best looking redhead model in the world, the cover male model of the Red Hot Project

Jake Hold – London based model and acrobat, one of the first Red Hot models

Tom Brady – model and athlete, member of Team Great Britian for the 2012 Olympic Games